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Introducing FULA Protocol

FULA Protocol Powers a Paradigm Shift

Your energy-efficient Box auto-mines the FULA Token. This token rewards open source developers for building the high-quality apps that we love to use.

Your Box is more than a storage device or dApp server

When you set up your Box, you help grow the FULA Network. To reward you for sharing, Box silently mines the FULA Token. A share of your FULA tokens is automatically allocated to the open-source developers and contributors who built your app.

The FULA Protocol runs in the background. Anyone can plug and play without needing to understand how it works.

Secure and resilient

Empower the network.
Earn FULA.

With Box your files & photos are secure at your home. Box offers Blockchain level security which means all your data is encrypted, stored and executed on Blockchain on the nearest Box Data Pool (bPool). You can even create a pool with yourself, with family and friends to keep each other’s data safe.

With traditional cloud apps, you are a user. You pay the provider for the service they give you. With Box, you’re both a service provider and a user. You share, you use. You can start earning FULA by being part of the network.

Box Data Pools
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